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Through its partners and affiliates, The Triad Group strives to provide the right service at the right time for our clients and patients. Following a successful period of rehabilitation, if you still don't feel quite ready to return home a number of our facilities also offer you the option of either assisted or independent living. Below you’ll find the services we offer.

Your bridge to recovery is available at each of our in-patient rehabilitation facilities. When you no longer require the acute care services of a hospital environment, but still need clinical and/or rehabilitation services prior to returning home, we can offer both short- or longer-term healthcare solutions.

Returning home after a recent hospitalization, or inpatient skilled nursing or rehabilitation stay can often be a difficult transition.

Home Healthcare is intermittent short-term care under the direction and orders of your physician in the comfort of your home. Services may include:
  • Nursing Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Provides institutional and consultant pharmacy services for skilled nursing and assisted living. Currently Holladay Healthcare serves over 2000 residents of skilled and assisted living units across North Carolina.

Holladay Healthcare, Inc.
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Specializing in meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and patients in the nursing home, home health and hospice environments, Holladay inventories over 2500 different medical products.

Holladay Surgical Supply, Inc.
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